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Monday, May 30, 2011


You know I been had an 'R&B' obsession from way back. Boyz II Men, Jodeci, New Edition, Bobby Brown, Tony Toni Tone, R Kells, Shai (yes Shai), all that ol good shit. Of course the content is not always the highest of quality, and the 'realness' is often questionable, but shit man, this dude can get down to it once in a while.

So, on the recommendation of my new homie Jason Joseph (a bad ass soulful song-smith in his own right), I had to check out The Weeknd. Come to find out I had recently heard his track "The Morning" on a recent mix I posted, and had been obsessed with it ever since, but as is so often the case w/ me I didn't have (take) the time to look up who it was...all I knew was that 'R&B' def had a new feeling in this guys words/music. He also mentioned Frank Ocean who I was more familiar with, living in LA, and having seen OFWGKTA @ Coachella recently. To me he is a bit less original/innovative than The Weeknd, however I still dig the vibe, and the vein in which both of their music flows. Holler. Here's some music/video.

The Weeknd - The Morning by The_Weeknd

And what would a Hero post be without a little remix action?

   The Weeknd - The Morning (Giraffage Remix) by Giraffage

In other news, K-Ci now looks like Dave Chapelle playing a crackhead...


Saturday, May 28, 2011


Cults had me last year with their self titled 7". "Go Outside" was def one of my faves, and made it on my top 100 tracks of 2010. The band is now dropping their first full length album (also self titled) on June 7, and its truly a winner. This track is just great...

   Cults - Abducted by cultscultscults


Happy birthday to the homie Matiz, who dropped this banguh on his yearly celebration day yesterday...firrrrr sunnn. Also check out his SoundCloud page here....

This track also reminds me why Busta was my favorite rapper EVER for most of my life (besides Outkast of course). And, whoever has my black with white and purple printing Busta Rhymes When Disaster Strikes t-shirt from the Puff Daddy (yes, it was Puff Daddy back then), just know that you rockin someone elses shit!!! Hahah. Hopefully my its not still just hangin w/ my brother Entricut cuz then I'd feel bad...

Look At Me Now ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne (Matiz Remix) by Matiz d[-_-]b

Ok had to post some shit to back my ass up...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Gang Gang Dance is a fave of ours. Their first and second albums killed. Their new one does too.

Our sincerest apologies for the youtube post, but we really want to share with you all this song...it's the best that's gonna happen right now...

Check out their 4AD Session...


 PhotobucketAnd even they have a new mixtape tooooo... via Opening Ceremony

DOWNLOAD : Gang Gang Dance Spring Mix 2011

1. Primal Scream - Come Together
2. Nguzu Nuguzu - CUMBIABELLY
3. About Group - You're No Good
4. Peacocks Intl Guitar Band - Eddie Quansa
5. J Dilla - Workinonit
6. Traxxman - Track 21
7. Douglas Armous - All the Time
8. Nick Nicely - On the Beach
9. Zomby - Salamander
10. Sparks - Achoo


Still no real computer at home, so I'm still not really blogging these days. Sporadic at best. At best! But don't fret..because this week's mixtape installment is a true whopper!! And its a non-stop party....

Yes his show @ Troubador was sold out, but I managed to catch James Blake spinning @ Dim Mak Studios (formerly Cinespace) last night. Dude killed. Anyone who shows nuff respect to Outkast is good with me, even if they show almost as much love Drake... needless to say, he got me psyched on some mixing! So its fitting that I post all of this shit today...

Ok lets get it in...

I had my line up set. But I gotta throw this one on top to get this long days worth of partying started...
DJ Eleven is a true OG. He's just set off on a tour of Europe and has whipped up this little mix ditty as a preview...
     Europe May 2011 by 11InchRecords

...getting it poppin off the top is one of my favorite Great North selectahs, Drastik (of Eh! Team DJs) is this banguh for Fortune Sound Club to highlight their Happy Endings Fridays club night in mix form...don't miss this one. HEF is a bleeding edge night in the club that took VanCity by storm literally months after I moved away! I've had fun following the spots progress since the beginning though via multiple sources, and am constantly seeing the amazing constant positive output from so many regarding everything that goes down there. DOWNLOAD DRASTIK'S MIX HERE.

Drastik - Happy Ending Fridays Mix (for Photobucket
Imma start y'all with this ridiculous banguh of a mix from Finch for Мишка as part of their Keep Watch series. This one is volume XXV, and will leave your head cracked and your plasma leaking.
Brostep? Never heard of it. "Bros" in general? Don't hang w/ em so its not an issue. I do like good music however, especially that which scares the fuck out of lots of people. Skip if you hate illness.

   Keep Watch Vol. XXV: Flinch by Мишка Bloglin

Next this is another dance floor trip, this one a shiny poppy dance number from Edwin Van Cleef for the month of may...smile!!!

   Edwin Van Cleef - May Mix 2011 by Edwin van Cleef

I also had to include this searing new mix from Medhi and Riton (known as Carte Blanche)...this one is called House Party 2 : The Pyjama Jam... this one is simply a French style disco-house wyl out session... just have a listen, its in your best interest.

   From Ed Banger Records

Following is a fun little rando mix from The Magician (1/2 of the OG Aeroplane, now solo)...this one is Magic Tape Eleven. Lots of fun.

   Magic Tape Eleven by TheMagician

And last but far from least is this 90's-tastic jammer from Neoteric called Anytime, Anywhere. Takin' it back y'all ...
     Anytime Anywhere by Neoteric

Friday, May 13, 2011


Everything is my new fave. This guy/song came from a recently posted mix (again)...to paraphrase a comment from SoundCloud on this song:
Tyson. That's all I know and all I need to know...as long as there are more songs like this...

Tyson - Out Of My Mind by PurplePR

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A couple new things from Peanut Butter Wolf & crew....

First a free 6 song cover EP from Mayer Hawthorne. This is a really fffffkking cool collection of songs. Some old ones, some newer ones, some with his band, The County, and the one below even featuring his Pops on the pedal steel. I love how Mayer (and all the Stones Throw peeps) are such diggers, and appreciators for/of old soul and funk gems. He revamps a couple here. Honestly, I would just post em' all b/c every track on here is so quality. And its free.

Here's all the info, and a link to the free download via his Stones Throw page...

I'm for sure feeling the sexy ass cover of Chromeo's Don't Turn The Lights On...and this, which is added to my new summ jams fer sheeeeez. Sicky guitar solo....

Also now available in the ST store is the new self-titled full length from Hero fave James Pants (a.k.a. Jimmy Trousers). James has (a great first name...aaaand...) quite a knack for psych-funking the shit out of the already soulful jams he creates (I promise not say 'funk' or 'soul' again this post...).

Dig it fool.

   James Pants - Alone by stonesthrow

   James Pants - Darlin' by stonesthrow

Monday, May 9, 2011


First off, from dailybeatz.com comes the Blogwave Summer Mix...Vol. Two. This one is the summer jammer, as decided by some of the oh-so-hottest blogs around, and celebrates db's two year anniversary by asking (again) those involved to each contribute a (summer) track to combine into the ultimate summer-wave mix! Again! Oh snaps.

   dailybeatz.com Presents: A Blogwave Summer: Volume Two by dailybeatz

Next is the latest installment (dropped mid April) of the Radiozero Mix series brought to you by the friendly folks, including Tyler Fedchuck, up in my former home of Van City, BC. This is #71 and its a slick one...

Radiozero #71  (Here's some info, & the tracklist)

And you gotta to check out the one that introduced me to the series, #48. I discovered this when I had first moved to Vancouver. It was rainy, I didn't know anyone, and I was in a long distance relationship. But I was in a brand new city and working in new and exciting studios! This mix will always have a special place in my musical heart... : )

As the RZ people say, Regarding #48..."It’s a springtime afternoon party!"

Radiozero #48  (info & tracklist)

Finally, here's a beautifully classy, current house mix from Urulu for Montreal blog What’s For Dinna. This one comes to me courtesy of Gotta Dance Dirty, and is a serious jammer. Enjoy.

Summer vibes....

   Exclusive Mix 009: Urulu by WhatsForDinna

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I heard the track "Matter" as I was drifting in and out of a hazy consciousness on Sunday, my brain at a scarily comfortable state of fuzzily saturated rest. It was playing through Metschä's Pim mix, as I lay in my bed, my microscopic outermost layers feeling only the slightest of pressure from both the Santa Anas and my girls head of hair.

My point is I was in a bit of a nice state when I was introduced to the sounds made by the two Danish fellows Kenton Slash Demon. It just helped. But then I listened more, and again, and saw these two videos, and that's it. I'm hooked.

Latest tracks by KENTON SLASH DEMON

The amazing video work is by Dark Matters ... wow.

And a little live viddy for you to leave with...


Monday, May 2, 2011


This weekend was not unlike the baked butter fish piece I had at a secret sushi spot Thursday round sundown. Savorrrrrr.
Food, recording, travels, film, family, modernism (? ha.), fine deli meats, birthday shenanigans, sun, water, grills (& only the finest dirt dogs), refreshing libations, music, and some fuzzzzz...
...it was almost like I came to as I drifted in and out of sleep to this dreamily lovely mix by Metschä via the one and only MIXTAPE MIXTAPE!!! Sunday evening...

It made sense I guess, b/c as MM says :
... (this mix) pretty much typifies what MM is all about. Music without boundaries. LOVE with a capital L. Rainbows and puppies. You get the picture. It’s from our man METSCHA, who hails from Portugal and craftily mixes together tracks by Domenico Scarlatti (yep, that Scarlatti), BEACH HOUSE and Isaac Hayes. It’s on some wild shit.
This one's got me good... kind of an instant classic simply due to the context in which I enjoyed it first...

Pim: A Mix by Metschä      (tracklist)

And opposite spectrum like, of course I had to up this #killing dubstep mix from Quickie Mart I've been bumping the past couple weeks... I was introduced to Quickie's tracks through Malkovich ... who I was introduced to through Saints & Sinners ... which closed its doors this week after one last weekend in Palms...

   It Just Don't Stop (mix) by Quickie Mart

The mix features a couple of remixes by QM ... including this banguh of Freddie Gibbs' "National Anthem (Fuck The World) "
   Freddie Gibbs - National Anthem (Quickie Mart remix) by Quickie Mart

and as Metschä would like to remind us...sharing is love...