Friday, March 25, 2011


The homie from around the way, Malkovich, stays doin it large when it comes to the homegrown Los Angeles hip-hop. Remember?? Well he's serving up a fresh one.

On top of this, he's officially kicking off his role TOMORROW as Ayatollah Presley by simultaneously curating a buzz worthy art show, shooting a new video (for above single, "Wipeout"), and playing host to an open bar equipped (open bar dude!) party for young visionaries and luminaries of the greater Los Angeles area. And you can be invited.

From his Facebook: 
Saturday night's release party is also a video shoot for "Wipeout" produced by ABCDEFG aka Chuck Chilla... I'll get you drunk AND famous. For free. R&R Gallery, 929 E. 2nd St., downtown LA.
Peep the vid footy...

What's that expression? "If we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.." Something like that.

The exhibit involved is quite a relevant (in terms of subject matter, media, & overall coolness) collection of photographs from Iran taken in the period just before the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Its an amazing glimpse into life prior to the turmoil (which was not made much easier by the U.S.) that was the overthrow of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. 

Prizes will be awarded to the best Ayatollah Presley look alike (this is apparently true, see below) and admission to the event is free as long as you are rocking some ill deadstock 1979 hi-tops to commemorate (this is not true, its just free anyway).


Saturday, March 19, 2011


Friday, March 18, 2011


What can I say I can be sucker for Deadmau5 and his awesomely simple ass tracks (that's not a diss!) once in a while. I DO sometimes wish that all that build up lead to something a bit more 'blow the top off the place exciting'...but I guess he does pretty good. Ha.

Seriously though the guy is an amazing producer, and he has just dropped a couple new'ns on his soundcloud w/ some interesting names, the first one is actually named after the north star, and comes in at a whopping 10:49. I know everyone's favorite is Strobe...I'm the same. This one seems to be a bit of an answer maybe?

Here's that track, his other latest post, "Bleed", and a couple other faves....

Deadmau5 - HR 8938 Cephei

Deadmau5 - Bleed

Btw this track live @ Coachella last year was fucking amazing. And I don't regret missing the Beyonce apperance w/ Jay for it at all!

I think that's my hand you can see...haha. Kidding. But I was just a bit in front of this person....

Only a few more weeks!!!!!!!!!! : )

Deadmau5 - Strobe

Deadmau5 - Get In The Cart, Pig.

Thanks Salacious Sound!

A little snippet from last years events in Indio .... yum.


Here's is a pretty weekend nightastic track from two hot Swede girls that make some electroish/houseish banguhs. Right.

C'mon Sweden its just not fair.

Just kidding, it's the shit, keep doing it.

The original of Rebecca & Fiona's new single "Bullets" is pretty much on lockdown, so hard to find/post...

...but the track has a full on remix collection, and the top Swede house heavy hitters all have a bit of a weigh in...find it on Beatport.

Rebecca & Fiona - Bullets (Adrian Lux & Nause Club Remix)

Sweden. And hot girls making electro tracks. Sheesh.

Their first single, from this past winter, also pretty tite fool.

Since that first one was my boy A. Lux teaming up w/ Nause, and they both have separates of this track (and they both bang) I gotta blast em both...(the Nause is kind of a snippet, sorry)

Rebecca & Fiona - Luminary Ones (Nause Remix) by Nause

Rebecca & Fiona - Luminary Ones (Adrian Lux Remix)

A rando edit of the OG....

Fiona & Rebecca - Luminary Ones

Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Yesterday in the LBC, the world lost a true rap icon and innovator.

Nate Dogg was born Nathaniel D. Hale and was one of the founders of G-Funk along with Warren G and Snoop (and others like DJ Quik). He was a true originator of the "sing a kinda R'nB hook on this track homie" style that we all now know as a staple of 'hip-hop' today.

Everyone has their own personal favorites and memories of Nate's vocals and this has been true since his beginnings. His voice had such a memorable, unique, and haunting tone that tracks he was on instantly captivated. Me anyway.

Dr. Dre f. Snoop Doggy Dogg, Dat Nigga Daz & Nate Dogg - Deez Nuts

Nate Dogg - Be Thankful

Oh and I forgot this one!!! Loved this track when it came out...dunno how I feel about the Saigon addition, but its all gravy.

Mark Ronson f. Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg, Saigon, & Trife

You can't say he never thought about death.

Crooked I f. Nate Dogg - The Crook In Me

2pac f. Nate Dogg - Skandalouz

Oh, and I forgot this too!! A while back my homie posted this mix to me...a collecting of all things awesomely Nate. Enjoy...

DA BOMB Nate Dogg blunt wraps will be forever smoking....


Thanks to DeathRowTapes for the links on the old tracks!!! He's got some more Nate Dogg bootlegs coming in the near future... And check out the page's amazing collect of all things D.R.....

Saturday, March 12, 2011


photo : Jon Donnell
Last night, my friend (as well as one of my many many musical inspirations) Computer At Sea opened up for Dan Deacon at SPACE Gallery in Portland, Maine. I have yet to see pictures or hear tales of the gig, but I'm sure it was amazing, and was sad to miss it as these are two amazing artists!!!

Fear not Portlanders (and all New Englanders alikc!), for if you missed last nights event (like me), Computer At Sea is playing another show @ Apohadion Theatre in May alongside The Shortsleeves and The Gloaming!! Go see it..

The show last night was partly in support of Computer At Sea's brand new EP, Palace of the Lightbulbs, which is available for whatever you would like to pay right now!!! It's a great little album and strongly suggest checking it the F out.


I love this song...

Computer At Sea - Sullen Lamplighters

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Notorious BIG (Biggie Smalls)
photo : Dylan Loos

I wouldn't just go around quoting Canibus erry day.

This is shite quality...but a bit of a gem...

Notorious B.I.G. - Biggie Got The Hype Shit (Demo)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011



I like this mix.

Here's who it's from....
SOSOSOON is two people.
SOSOSOON is from Germany and Peru.
SOSOSOON is now in San Francisco.
SOSOSOON is spelled in all caps.
SOSOSOON only drinks tequila.
SOSOSOON plays music you can headnod, dance and fuck to.
SOSOSOON is better at DJing than writing bios.

Monday, March 7, 2011


The Sounds of Sweet Nothing have 2 records under their belts. The UK's Unknown Mortal Orchestra's now sold out, self-titled 7" EP, and the new Distressor EP from S.F. band Whirl.

The first is a surfy, lo-fi rocker with plenty of Brit feel. Looking forward to more from these lads, and hopefully checking them out @ The Troubadour on March 11 with Starfucker (STRFKR)...should be good times. "How Can U Luv Me" is def my fave so far...the whole EP is nicely melodic, a bit soulful, and just all around fun shit.

The second EP has a definite 'wall of sound' feel. Coming in at just under 25 min, it reminds me strongly of My Bloody Valentine, with huge washed out verb, plenty of big dramatic chord changes. Distressor EP is out April 7 on The Sounds of Sweet Nothing.

Oh and here's a little Starfucker nugget....


Sunday, March 6, 2011


Grouplove played on KCRW on last Thursday morning (2/24) for a Morning Becomes Eclectic session. Unfortunately I was indisposed dealing with the city of Los Angeles , but it was a great session...I listened HERE in creamy streaming audio from the stations website.

The station is actually were I first heard of the band as well, and has been popping up semi frequently here on the Hero as of late. What can I say, I'm a serious 89.9 junkie. I just got my KCRW x Mr. Brainwash t-shirt in the mail yesterday too...sicky.

This song was my intro to the quintet, who met in Crete, and recorded their self-titled debut in here in our insane city.

They will also make an appearance on my upcoming Spring 2011 mix...

Dig it like the earff.

   Grouplove - Naked Kids