Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This is awesome.

As both a Seinfeld, and a Nike head, I was always noticing Jerry's serious collection of illy kicks.

Complex Sneakers breaks each sighting down for us...

Above and below are a couple of Hero highlights..



chordashian_space_banner Chordashian These guys are really good. Seriously loving this track right now. And free download!

Via the wonderful people over at Binary L.A....

Why don't you swing on over to Hype Machine and give ol' "Illusion" some hearts..

Their other songs are very nice as well. Some are available for free download on their FB Bandpage.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This dude, Miles Fisher, is a nutball.

 Actor? Musician? Weirdo? Yes. Yes. Yes.

And who's not a weirdo, I mean, really? The videos are awesome. Either way.

This is the (genius) first one I saw...via Style Save Us...

And another great (super oddball) parody...

And this is not a parody, but a great tune, and still quite a snappy video...

Monday, September 17, 2012


Brand new from a close friend/extended family member of the Hero... hailing from San Francisco, comes brand new music from Portrait.

The artist behind the music describes his sound as "R&B and dubstep making love in a chillwave hot tub," the soundscapes presented on the debut album, Symphony of Errors, take the listener on quite a journey. Releasing in early October, the 9 song album is sure to break necks with the (very soft) head nod everwhere...

Find him on Twitter @portraitsounds

"What Love Is" is available for free download...right now!! Srrrrrious Hero fave.

Amazing work.

"Portrait is currently hard at work on a follow-up release and live show...."  Soooo...look out...



Videos. That are for music.

This one is close to our Hero the Hero himself engineered and helped produce this track with Iration & Lincoln Parrish of Cage the Elephant, and featuring Jessy Greene on strings...brand spankin new video. Single available now on iTunes... get it. (Look out for CtE's Starry Nights Festival...coming soon...).

This one is a killer right here. Killing. PVD was my shit back in the day. He gets the Seven Lions remix here...very very nice.

Sick visualies.. Willow - "Sweater"

via booooooom

Get free bitches. Major Lazer x Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors...I must've played this song 90 times in the past two weeks. It's good.

Halloween is coming...Shlohmo helps...

Love this jam from Cookies right now...via Shit U Need...

Last min addition! New Brother Ali!


Srsly tho. This Sr. Sly song is good. So srrrrrrsly.

They're mysterious, word is they may be parts Foster the People, and parts Pacific Air (formerly known as KO KO)....

This viddy here isn't too much more NON mysterious...

Pacific Air (formerly known as KO KO)...also a nice little ditty...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Damn. Shit is real in the field. Blog time falls to the wayside.

Real NY hip-hip will always make us wake up over here at the Hero. NYC hip-hop mixtapes WERE 1999 in my world, and we are loving the resurgence of true music inspired by what hip-hop was back then, with Action Bronson channeling Ghostface at his dirtiest, and now, Joey Bada$$ and his homie Capital STEEZE recalling Mobb Deep who got nuff shots to share fa all doze...

Odd Future who? A$AP what? Rocky is killin it, can't say we fully down with the OF, but they doin they thing. But seriously though, this crew (Pro Era) & this dude (who's freshly signed to Cinematic Music Group/RED/Sony) are really something to be hyped on. And the mixtape is called 1999. Harkening back...

DOWNLOAD: Joey Bada$$ - 1999 Mixtape


Also, just dropped, is Rejex, another mixtape/collection of tracks that didn't make 1999, as well as some older jams...

DOWNLOAD: Joey Bada$$ - Rejex

joey_badass_rejex On a final note...this episode of Selector from Pitchfork with the Pro Era crew gives a bit of a glimpse why they hot...