Friday, February 25, 2011



I'm new to Planningtorock! And well, this is kind of awesome...

Well his HER! name is Janine Rostron (that voice/video in "Doorway" seriously had me fooled!), she's from Bolton (UK), she's based in Berlin, she's had a mini-label (Rostron Records) and now a deal w/ DFA, and she makes some seriously sick tripped out jammers.


Looking forward for her new things to come....

Her album W is available on iTunes March 1st.



Leave that loser yuppie boyfriend of yours to be a sucka with his friend in the hockey jersey and lets have some serious fun baby.

Oh yeah.

3 takes on 3 classy tracks from the time of hair and synth inspired by this Classixx (longtime Hero fave) remix of the material girl's "Lucky Star".

 Mustang, and Aeroplane follow suit all via GDD.

Classixx X Madonna = Fortunate Star

Duran Duran - Wild Boys (Mustang Re-Dit)

Human League has a NEW album coming soon (Credo)...this is the first told by Aeroplane.

Human League - Never Let Me Go (Aeroplane Remix)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I heard this freshly released TV On The Radio track this morn on KCRW. Love Dave Sitek's production...

The track is called "Will Do", and is lifted from their upcoming Interscope release, Nine Types of Light, which is set to be released errrwhere on April 12th...

...they are also beginning a tour 4 days before the album drops....

So Sitek is just all over the place for me in the past couple days. I posted one of his remixes of a  Lykke Li track the other day, and then I get home after hearing the above TOTR track and find this remix of one of my favorite songs/bands of last year...fuck yea stars lining up and shit.

The Naked and Famous - Young Blood


Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Tonight my brother Entricut opens for Rob Swift of the legendary X-ecutioners with Rajnii as Loose Leaves  @ Club Metronome in Burlington!

Get it homie.


Now a little taste of the headliner and what he doin...

FREE DOWNLOAD of Rob Swift's Scion Radio 17 Host EP as part of his ongoing streaming web radio show, Dope on Plastic. Titled Sketches of The Architect, the 6 track banger revisits some uncompleted songs from his 2010 LP, The Architect, both of which are inspired by a recent deep delve into classical music.

"This new facination influenced his complex, turntable and MPC-based music in unpredictable ways."  

Radio 17 also features a gang of other shows hosted by some of the illest around.




ON that indi today. Sllllooooowwww.

No not this Tyler..

thiiiiis Tyler.


Yes. New Oliver again.... This U-Tern (he never fails.) and this U and Oligee team up got me psyched like a Taco Zone suadero molita. Actually no, a little less than that..

Monday, February 21, 2011


Lykke Li  is a longtime fave over hurr @ the Hero. The old incarnation of our site had plenty of features on the Swedish siren.

Well she took a well deserved break from the spotlight, and now that the mystique has had time to build, her second album is nearly upon us.

The first thing to pop from the forthcoming sophmore effort was"Get Some", and the track has been in rotation here in L.A. thanks the the amazingly awesome make me love radio forever, 88.9 KCRW, and she has had a video as well for the track for a bit.

"I Follow Rivers" (also has an amazing video, see below), well, followed, and recently she stopped by BBC Radio 6 to perform a few, and the masses were treated to an acoustic version of another album cut, this one titled "Sadness Is A Blessing". Psyched to hear the studio version....


The full length, Wounded Rhymes, is out March 1st on her own LL Recordings/Atlantic

I saw she was playing L.A. soon, and apparently I slept on it too long because her March 9th (..."the greatest rapper alive died on March 9th"...sorry I couldn't help it!) @ El Rey Theatre is now sold out!!! Boooo!

Oh and I just found this remix from Dave Sitek from TV on The Radio which will appear, with another remix from Subliminal Kid and Van Rivers, on the "I Follow Rivers" single which dropped on Valentine's Day...lovin' it.


When I started at the studio where I spend a lot of time these days (the beautiful Fonogenic Studios) one of the first few projects I had the pleasure of being present for, as well as having a small part in the engineering of, was the recording of an EP for the band Dayplayer.  Produced & engineered by my mentor of sorts, Ran Pink, the songs sounded great at the time, and now the day has come that it is available to everyone in all of its full high fidelity goodness! "Hollywood Couple" leads it off, and is one of my favorites, however the guitar solos in both "Smoke & Soot" and "Peak" are also hard to beat. Oh and the synth madness in the end of "Better"?! Well yall know how I feel about synth madness...don't make me go all Yellow Magic Orchestra and shit...

Aaaaaand! Check out the newly released video for the track "To Me"... great concept!


Saturday, February 19, 2011


Some yummertons from Converse in a collab with Marimekko...more on that here...I love the designs of course, and the color combos, but my favorite feature is the absence of the clsssic horizontal black line on the sole which they have swiched up for an all white version..the all white all-star logo is dope too..

Oh and recently, Nike Sportswear (NSW) won a bid to outfit the F.F.F. (thats French Football Federation for you non footie peeps out there)...well its a bit of a big deal b/c the team had been with Adidas forever. They've now ditched the Germans in favor of us Yanks...Well you know Nike, they couldn't help but do a bunch of ridic limited editions as they continue to fucking FLOOD the sneaker market...those who know me can probably guess which is my fave..



Damn when you work I guess you don't have time to get all bloggy that much...I'm actually working right now! But I had this all put together so it just took me a sec..

Some killer mixtape action. From the ladies. For all.


Rye Rye is on M.I.A.'s N.E.E.T. Recordings and has dropped her first mixtape, ...courtesy of Abeano Music...

Rye Rye - RYEotpowRR 

(more Rye Rye here!!)


Next is another banger from Kid Sister. This one is courtesy of A-Trak's Fools Gold Recs and is mixed by the one and only Catchdubs...bangers. I had heard plenty Kid Sister tracks and def was down, but I saw her live last summer @ the Mad Decent block party and homegirrrl really KILLED it. Not like Andy Milonaukus, he DIDN'T kill it that day...

Kid Sister - KissKissKiss 

(more Kid Sister here!!)


Finally, not to be overlooked is M.I.A.'s (now a bit older) ViCKi LEEKX mixtape is also a bowl of banguh sauce...mixed by the amazing NGUZUNGUZU


(more M.I.A. here!!)


Finally, this one is much different from the other 3, but comes highly recommended...jj's mixtape is a collection of her singing over selected 'industry' beats...just amazing. I dig. It came out on Christmas Eve, so its been around a bit longer than the rest...also this track:

jj - 5 Minuter Med

: is on the same vibe, and it was an obsession of mine for a while when I first heard it...I also posted it back in November...and well, there it is again!

jj - Kills

(more jj here!!)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011



I have to admit I used to be one of the inferiors when it came to the Gucci Mane. What can I say, I misunderstood, and I think Gucci is a just a misunderstood artist. Ice cream face tats yo. Either way...

...Sinden x Gucci Mane...

...dude is on some other shit.

Grab the frrrrree mixtape from Sinden and Mad Decent HERE.

Gucci Mane - Brand New (Rustie Remix)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Sticking with a couple rando artists to watch in the oh eleven...the guys this time.

Ok and here's some dudes....

Charles Bradley is 62 and has been waiting for his album to drop forever. Not really, but kinda. Well, now it is. And he's down with the Menahan Street Band, which makes everything pretty right on in my mind.

Diamond Rings doing big tings.

Of course U-Tern is NOT a newcomer, and has been holdin it down up in my former home of Van City for years. Holler at One Day Later and ODL Radio. Skills. His new project is called Oliver, and is a collabo w/ the homie Oligee (Pulse Recordings) from L.A.! ... and they have more on the way..

Not new either!!! Ducktails enjoyed a large Hero post on the OLD blog...this NJ crew is on some super sun drenched fuzzy surf rock...they have been riding the underground wave, and may creep up into a larger scale this year...dig.



Oh hey there...been a while hasn't it?

This a quick fix...not full attention... coming soon...

...until are some ladies to watch in the OH 11....some dudes will come soon...

This song by Jessica Lea Mayfield was a jmr for me back in the wee days of she's got an album on the way produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach...