Monday, May 30, 2011


You know I been had an 'R&B' obsession from way back. Boyz II Men, Jodeci, New Edition, Bobby Brown, Tony Toni Tone, R Kells, Shai (yes Shai), all that ol good shit. Of course the content is not always the highest of quality, and the 'realness' is often questionable, but shit man, this dude can get down to it once in a while.

So, on the recommendation of my new homie Jason Joseph (a bad ass soulful song-smith in his own right), I had to check out The Weeknd. Come to find out I had recently heard his track "The Morning" on a recent mix I posted, and had been obsessed with it ever since, but as is so often the case w/ me I didn't have (take) the time to look up who it was...all I knew was that 'R&B' def had a new feeling in this guys words/music. He also mentioned Frank Ocean who I was more familiar with, living in LA, and having seen OFWGKTA @ Coachella recently. To me he is a bit less original/innovative than The Weeknd, however I still dig the vibe, and the vein in which both of their music flows. Holler. Here's some music/video.

The Weeknd - The Morning by The_Weeknd

And what would a Hero post be without a little remix action?

   The Weeknd - The Morning (Giraffage Remix) by Giraffage

In other news, K-Ci now looks like Dave Chapelle playing a crackhead...


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