Tuesday, November 9, 2010



Man these tracks got me opin. Hoes no mo.

New shit from the homie and fellow Palms resident Malkovich...

Dude & the crew's jams are basically always on some serious fire, and some serious hip hop shit. None of that, whatever you call that other stuff.

Here he go teaming up w/ rhymer & producer/DJ team Gotham Green & Quickie Mart for "Malk & Green" from the duo's album The Haze Diaries, Vol. 3, which rocked out the CMJ charts, and got Green a spot opening for Freddie Gibbs & Black Milk at the Journal's event beginning of this August past.

Regaaadless, keep at least one of them eyes open for all three of these guys. Malkovich, Gotham Green, and DJ Quickie Mart that is. YOU, hip hop fan, should check them all out individge style..

Clean video...firrre beat...

And this is his newest release w/ the big OG homie, Prince Po from Orgainzed Konfusion...cheah.

Also check these two from Gotham Green, first w/ locally managed (ha) Freddie Gibbs, and then with another L.A. Cali repper, El Prez.

What's dead?

Finally, lets smooth out w/ Quickie Mart's N.O.funk & soul mix...he's bidding for a Treme cameo looks like...