Sunday, March 31, 2013


Representing at a mere 22 years of age, Jesse Marco has quickly become one of the nations newest in DJ talent.

Perfect for this sunny Sunday, here he drops his brand spankin mixtape for Stussy Deluxe's Spring '13 line, entitled Jesse Marco for Stussy Deluxe. 

Shiz is definitely next level, and pretty perfecto to begin getting your spring on.

Says the dude himself : 
"I'm really quite proud of this mix, I thought long and hard about how to encapsulate all my influences into one long mix, and sort've explain where my head was at when I was working on it, as well as how important it was to me to incorporate all of the aspects of DJing and generes of music that are pushing music forward."
Yea sunnn. Holler.

Tracklist on the Soundcloud page and also posted after the jump.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Fresh off a nice little SXSW showcase, New York duo, MSMR, have landed a track an official Game of Thrones : Season 3 trailer, and seem to be finna embed themselves right into the indie-pop music scene for good. Details on this (also enigmatic) duo have been scarce, but they do have a Tumblr page.

Judging by the songs (quite awesome), the branding (snappy), the remix collaborations (Twin Shadow, Charli XCX, Kele of Bloc Party), the video content, and the overall buzzaroo (some sneaky but heavy airplay on KCRW this past winter...), the future seems bright for these two.

Give an ear:

And and eye :

MSMR - "Bones" in Game of Thrones : Season 3 extended trailer.

Friday, March 29, 2013


Fresh from Saturate Records, comes their Saturated! Vol. 3 mix.

With plenty of illy new banguhs to get you going, checking this latest in the labels mix series out  is good times. We did it the other day. Does post trap exist? A question that came up last night actually.

Tracklist on the Soundcloud page and posted after the jump...

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Recently we've been quite taken with one Mac Demarco, and his band of ruffians hailing from Montréal, Quebec, Canada. First came a 12" called Rock n' Roll Nightclub and some other tracks online, then a quick signing with Captured Tracks, a mysteriously up-then-gone video for "Only You", some whispers about shows @ SXSW, some great tunes, and this (posted at the end) live performance by Pitchfork.

Lots of things. Lots of music. Lots of fun you guys.

Let's just say there seem to be lots of good things to come from the young lad. Here's some tunes to bang to.

He also likes to smoke.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


With an extremely detailed and hands on marketing scheme, the enigmatic & flamboyant, Duo of Empire of the Sun returns in all of its glory. With a pop-up listening party at SXSW, and now with a series of teasers to hype their coming album, Ice On The Dune, due out in June of this year. All four unlockable teasers are being revealed at both the Empire of The Sun official website, and (sans only the first so far...) a chosen music blog for each. And you get to use a decoder wheel if you really want to get into it.

The first, a trailer-style video, titled "Discovery (Trailer)", depicts an archaeological dig on the Guerrero peninsula, in which cave paintings showing "empire of the sun" are discovered, a snippet of new music is played, and the EOS boys (Luke Steele & Nick Littlemore) are shown in full regalia.

The second, (revealed on Channel [V] & a code to unlock a series of four high-res "cave paintings", showing a part of the story of told by the new album), and third (revealed on NME, & another code, unlocking a series of 4 .gif images showing another part of the story), are now available to see, with 2 more coming in April.

They always have plenty of sicky art fa sho.