Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Re-release of Doom's 1999 debut album...Operation: Doomsday....from the good people @ Stones Throw...


You know Metal Face's tracks run deep, & this new version is a 4 LP set, and includes a gang of extra shit...go read about it if you want. And peep a pic below.

Here's a couple classics from the vast Doom archives.

   MF Doom - Koda 
   MF Doom - Saffron
   MF Doom - Sofa King

Set to drop, yes once again, on June 21.

And don't sleep on the lunchbox...


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


You know we OG Chain fans over here!! Part of it is awe. Simply awe. J.C. is non stop killin on his own shit. 

Like so many posts, I wish my old blog had not BEEN DELETED BY BLOGGER/GOOGLE so I could link to even more old chain coverage...fuck it.

ANYWAY... Jackie Chain is coming proper with the mixtape/"EP". Who Da Mane from Dec '10....Alabama holler.

And of course it's presented by Ballers Eve, DJ Burnone & Block Beattaz..............

Jackie Chain - Who Da Mane 

A couple banguhs...

Jackie Chain - Longway f. D Love

Jackie Chain - Cuz It Feel Good f. Attitude & Chinky Brown

And just like the mixtape...Imma hit y'all w/ the bonus tracks!! Awww shiiittt!!
Really I just gotta post em due to the amazing (and funny) sample sources ... and cuz Rollin is the OG...

Jackie Chain - Rollin' Ft. Jhi Ali (HSV Remix)

Jackie Chain - This Is Not Enough f. Assasyn & Mail Boy

Wait...why do people think Wiz Khalifa is dope?


Monday, April 25, 2011


Daedelus is a man of fine craftsmanship. He is a of tailor made suit enthusiast. His wife tailor makes him articles of clothing as presents. And he tailor makes amazing music. On a tailor made instrument. His perfomance @ Coachella (see below) wasn't even dampered in the least by some initial technical set difficulties, and some fuck ups by the house lighting guys. Still murdered. One of our favorite performances of the weekend. Hands down.

Read this awesome interview with him in L.A. Record and find out how cool things about the man.

For example, he thinks this:
I was the beneficiary of a lot of weird moments in time.
And this:
Ourselves are so overly important, and we make such a big deal out of things. It’s very temporal, our lives. If you can make a significant impact in someone’s life, much less a lot of people’s lives, it’s a form of love. It’s a form of gift.
His album Bespoke (out now on Ninja Tune of course, along w/ label mate Amon Tobin's new one), which refers to things custom made to ones personal specifications, and also, more generally, one who is well put together, is out now. You really really should delve deep into his archives as well. He had an album last year as well!!

Here's a track from the new one...its fantastic.

Tailor-Made (featuring Milosh) by Daedelus

His set-up @ Coachella was quite amazing. The mirrors behind him rotated w/ lights and shizzz flashing up on em....and when they finally cut the house lights (what you can see below illuminating him and his set up, they're not supposed to be on), shit was really on...


This is kinda what it was like...? Kinda...

And a Tokimonsta remix!!!

Daedelus - Tailor-Made feat. Milosh (TOKiMONSTA Remix) by Ninja Tune

And peep some of his stellar recent video...the first from Righteous Fists of Harmony

From Love To Make Music To (2008)...

And and old fave...from Denies The Day's Demise (2006)...

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Wolf Gang from UK is a new fave. Yeah...

   Wolf Gang - Lions In Cages

And an interesting remix from Shoes, of the beautiful acoustic-y track featuring Kyla La Grange (video below...).

   Wolf Gang - Dancing With The Devil (Shoes Remix)

And how could you not love a remix from another head dress wearing fave of mine, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs?!

   Wolf Gang - The King And All Of His Men (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)

TEED also has a new track coming...

   Trouble [Soundcloud edit] NEW SINGLE! by T-E-E-D

And finally a little vid from him as well... 


Peeped out The Chain Gang of 1974 and Jamaica @ Echoplex last night.

I was a bit surprised at the limited number of people upon showing up, but having been at Coachella last weekend (where EVERYONE wants to see the band that you were the first to like), it was a bit of a pleasant surprise.

Jamaica caught everyone a while back when the "I Think I Like U 2" video and track appeared (and then more videos), and word spread that aww shit, them fools is produced by or with or at least know... JUSTICE!!! (people still cared about that then). As far as the show, I was interested as soon as I heard they were playing L.A. again, but my lady friend Sammy Holiday had read my mind when she recently remarked "when are they playing anyway?", referring to the ol' Chain Gang, and when I saw they were the opener I had to get in.

TCGo1974 is Kamtin Mohager, a guy from Hawaii & Colorado (yeah!), who wrote and recorded a bunch of good tunes, formed a touring band, recently played 5 shows @ SXSW, was gushed about by Spin, and also has his first proper full-album-on-a-label (Wayward Fire on Modern Art Records) coming out on the longest day of the year....yes, that's June 21.

I heard White Guts (what is actually the re-release of that album I guess?) a few months ago, and was into it right away. I always love the electro rock with a touch of dream wave (if you will), while still keeping the slow(ish) jammer in there every once in a while.   While I can't say the live show/band completely translated from the recordings, the show was high energy and overall good shit.

I did realize that what I still do miss about a Coachella-like experience is that everyone is really really getting down. The crowd last night was not exactly ready to let it all (or much of any of it) go, but hey, this is L.A., and Echo Park too. Mawfukers are snobby round the way. Even with in-line hockey enthusiasts/cool art rockers.


Chain Gang's new single "Undercover" is available for free download...

   Chain Gang of 1974- Undercover

But the homies were rad, they've got a track on the Scre4m soundtrack, and they're opening for Jamaica, who people know, ended up showing up for (including Robyn herself!! Kicking it for Jamaica in the same platform work boots we just saw her KILL in @ mentioned Coachella. She is the shit. This is also pretty fkng awesome), and got down to hard, so I'm sure (they played 5 shows @ SXSW) they'll have no problem.

And we were getting down.

TCGo1947 play again for FREE at Bardot's School Nights tomorrow night!!! RSVP HERE. Also performing is Pop Levi. They told us they play again here in LA in May as well, but I can't remember exactly where/when....keep your eyes peeled.

(they also just re-tweeted the pic at the top of this post I took and Sam tweeted! ha)


Saturday, April 23, 2011


Been ready to blow up speakers are some new tracks from Purplebird Music (upon which some releases by my brother Entricut can be found) founder and head haunch Dead Geoff, one of which features Mr. Thumbs (1/2 of the former team of Natural Ingredients along w/ the Entreezy) on the beat?? and the other got eeem on the rap ch cheah.

Dead Geoff - Pescatarian by Purplebird Music

BST by purplebirdmusic

This led me to a couple of Dead Geoff instro remix banguhs...

*67 - Dead Geoff by Purplebird Music

Thank You Harold - Dead Geoff by Purplebird Music


And then of course to a little Natty Ingreeds track from yesteryear...

Natural Ingredients (Entricut & Mr. Thumbs) - Earshot by Purplebird Music

Friday, April 22, 2011


Amon Tobin is about to release the second of 3 albums for 2011.

From the AT website:
Amon Tobin will release 3 albums in 2011: a radical new studio album entitled ISAM, a new Two Fingers album, and an album of remixes of his Chaos Theory soundtrack work.
This one (the proper solo) is called ISAM, and from what I've heard, its quite a sonic pleasure I must say, as most Amon work tends to be.

The first 'single' is available for download in exchange for your email. Its quite nice.


ISAM is now available digitally from the Ninjatune shop and online stores. Physical release is May 23, including a 6 panel gatefold CD, double heavyweight LP with printed inner sleeves (salivate), and a limited edition CD Artbook featuring images of an installation Amon did with artist Tessa Farmer and maybe even an essay by John Doran of The Quietus? You never know til you see it I suppose

   ISAM by Amon Tobin

The Soundtrack To Splinter Cell 3D - Chaos Theory Remixed has been out since last month, and  there seems to be no date for the Two Fingers (the duo of AT and UK producer Double Click).

Here's some more Tobinality to chew on....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Dashed that last one off rather quickly.

Chemical Brothers, Daedelus, CSS, Cut Copy, Ratatat, Empire of the Sun, DFA 1979, Monarchy, Gogol Bordello, Bloody Beetroots/Death Crew 77, Skrillex, Boys Noize, OFWGKTA, The Radio Dept., Robyn, Yelle, Health, Two Door Cinema Club, Ellie Goulding, Delorean, Nosaj Thing, Sleigh Bells, The Drums, The Radio Dept., Delta Spirit, Chase & Status, Duck Sauce, Animal Collective, The Arcade Fire, Mumford & Sons, Gayngs, Scissor Sisters, Erykah, Naaaazzzz....and more I can't even remember right now. & more I couldn't see just because of the laws of physics. They all killed it. Cee Lo, well homie got killed kinda. But I still love the closet freak.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It's just madness.

Friday lays it on thick. Here's how I envision it, chill til about maybe 3 (its gonna be a long 3 days, I'm not gonna rush in, although I wanna see Tokimonsta!!), head in to see Skrillex (& maybe Cold Cave?). Its non stop from there. My girl is gonna hate me from here on out! Ha. Seriously though, I am gonna wanna run to the Drums, back to OFWGKTA, then over to hopefully catch Cee Lo do some OLD tracks (hopefully), lose my shit to A-Trak for a sec, then run to freak out w/ Ariel Pink, while checking in on Tame Impala & Afrojack! Sleigh Bells I would see maybe, but they sucked last year so fuck em. Really would love to see Marina & The Diamonds for a bit, but that puts me in bad crowd pozish for the heart break of the weekend for me : The Black Keys and Cut Copy on at the same time. Ah well, there's no time to wast b/c Crystal Castles Monarchy and the Aquabats are all coming on followed closely by a (must not miss) Nosaj Thing timeslot. Chemical Bros., Boys Noize, Gayngs and Flogging Molly all end the insanity.

Besides having the desire to see, simultaneously, Lil' B, Laidback Luke, Elbow and Yelle, Saturday should be chill, with my biggest conflict being Animal Collective and Paul Van Dyk. What can I say, the 16 yr old me who had just found trance, after just finding, well, trance, wants to see the Van Dykster for at least one transition or two. We'll see what happens. Glasser, Gogol Bordello, Empire of the Sun, The Twelves, Rye Rye, Cults, Raphael Saadiq, Daedelus, and some band called The Arcade Fire should all be at least okay.

This, I believe, is a Van Dyk remix of BT, and was the first track I heard in which he was involved.

I'm kinda kidding on the Van Dyk thing here too...kinda.

Sunday has another big head to head for me in the Ratatat/Chromeo area. By Sunday, after seeing Twin Shadow, Menomena, Delorean, Caspa (maybe), CSS, Nas & Damian, Ellie Goulding, Tinie Tempah, and Death From Above, followed by either Duck Sauce or Duran Duran, I'll just be happy to not be going to see The Strokes. Kanye or the Presets?? BIG LAFFS.

Of course none of this is going to happen as planned, and plenty will be missed, while not missing other things. So fuck planning.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



For some reason there is a little part of me (sometimes a big part of me) that always cringes at a 'reunion'.

However, this time its Death From Above 1979.

From You're a Woman, I'm a Machine,

Little Girl

Black History Month

This un-embedable "Girl on Girl" version is pretty great...

...and I kind of love/hate this random thrash rock version...

Hopefully this weekends show doesn't go down like SXSW this yrrrrrr..

Via Vimeo :
Death From Above 1979 reunion show at SXSW 2011 at Beauty Bar on March 20, 2011 at 1am .
This was the first song in their set. Fans who were unable to get inside were still able to see through a chain length fence in the alley, but eventually tore down the fence multiple times until police officers began using pepper spray and tazers. The venue only held around 200 people.

Saturday, April 9, 2011



So many performances I'm looking forward to...this L.A. homie's is up there for sure...

Nosaj Thing Coachella 2011 from Nosaj Thing on Vimeo.
Nosaj Thing - Drift
Nosaj Thing - Views/Octopus EP

Thursday, April 7, 2011


My first jam for tonight has been this track since my friend Natasha put me on earlier this eve... and from there I kind of let my mind (and the all seeing all knowing beast that is the internet) lead me in any new direction available...

New title-track single from Raphel Saddiq's forthcoming album, Stone Rollin'.

Not a bad jam to make love to your old lady by...

One of my favorite things about thinking/writing/listening to/ and of course, blogging about music is this free association part of it all.

Speaking of Lovage...I haven't listened to that album in FOREVER. And also, where the fuck is Dan The Automator these days?? Oh right...persuing personal musical passions...sounds about right.

Here's a little flashback...stay with me...

...I love Kid Koala's minimalism on the tables...

This all led me to an interesting little video from Jennifer Charles & her band, Elysian Fields, and the previously discussed Lovage of course). Very Serge Gainsborougish...with the video + the song I mean.

Oh and for your New Yorkers, Jennifer & E.F. are playing a show (supporting Norah Jones as headliner, as well as Jessie Harris, Vinicius Canturaria, Buke & Gass, JG Thrirwell's Manorexia, and Sex Mob) to benefit the Japan earthquake relief, with 100% of the proceeds going to  Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund. It'll take place @ at Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand Street (at Pitt)
New York, NY, and tickets are available HERE.

Elysian Fields - Afterlife (2009)

So then I had to track down the O.G. of that song... its an old one, written by the legendary Edith Paif.

Edith Paif - Jezebel
Eternelle: The Best Of

AAAAANNNDDDD...Anna Calvi (who is playing here @ Troubador on June 7th) also does a version of "Jezebel", and I've been psyched on her for a minute now. Amazing voice, sick guitar skills. That all led me to this amazing piece of music...which I will leave you with.

Anna Calvi - Anna Calvi

Tuesday, April 5, 2011



So this video of my homies' has made some waves. Rachel Maddow did a short piece on it, and people are responding in an amazing and positive way!

Nice work peeps. And although I think you guys should use the attention you have while you have it (which I know you will in the most positive way), I love guerrilla art. Fight the good fight.

My computer has shit in the proverbial bed, and I have been busy as F#CK. Those two factors combined makes for very few blog post minutes in the day....however, little (read = pretty gat damn huge) home state of Maine has been all up in the national news in the past weeks for just a small example of our new Governor, Paul LePage's ridiculous antics ...

With a little help from two of my anonymous friends....our lovely mural goes back up...for a moment at least. Accompanied by some lovely newish Danksta (now known as Tragic Defect Tax) music.