Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Remember this? Came up on playing in the offices today. Good times.

Illy "Hollertronix" era, Diplo remix of TV On The Radio - "Staring At The Sun" x Dead Prez - "Hell Yeah"

Some Heroes actually first discovered TV On The Radio in early 2004, via CNet's Download.com music section. It was kind of an amazing place back then to tap into the unheard world of small indie artists. T-Radd (most of the original songs are not findable..), Atomic Puppy (can't find a music link at all), Ghetto Girl, many others I can't remember right now & this very weird looking crew from Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn? What musicians were there or came from there besides Biggie? --- obviously this is in jest...but in 2003, vs. in 2013...ha!)... with a gem of a song called "Staring at the Sun", and a cover of The Pixies', "Mr. Grieves". They did well and it was most deserved.

TV On The Radio - Mr. Grieves (click below left to play...)
This one was a classic as well...

BTW...the original video for Dead Prez' "Hell Yeah" is on some hard shit...

Monday, November 25, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013


We just found this last double EP release from Waldo last week, and well, we like it.

Sick beats, and clever word play. Mellow moods, and real shit. What more could you ask for in hip-hop these days? NOTHING. That is the answer.

Released in the middle of last month via Ago, a group of producers from western Michigan, NSDE/OUTSDE (which are both available for FREE DOWNLOAD) is a bit of a follow up to last years Pick Your Own Poison (PYOP) project (also available for FREE DL...or donate if you wish).

Giver a listen...

The collection was produced for the most part by Sango (with a little help from Marvel Alexander, Mr. Carmack & $ir OJ...all quite great producers on their own) who really kills it.

A little more on Sango...upon visiting his facebook page I discovered two things. 1) this very touching story and song from Dee Mafioso, in which he reached out to Sango to let him know that he was very inspired by his music, that he and his girlfriend had loved his song "When I Need You The Most", that she had recently passed away, and that he had recorded a song in her memory over one of S's beats. Here it is. Its nice when music can heal. And when others can share that. This has been your "real life" music moment with the Hero, all jokes aside.

The second thing I found, 2) was this stellar mix, done for Ssense. Prick up your ears.

He also "likes The Weeknd a lot. So much so that he made an entire EP of Weeknd remixes called More Balloons," which may or may not be available for download.

NSDE/OUTSDE, released on October 15, this two part collection was preceded by this...trailer...eeeeenteresting.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Thanks to Revolt, P Diddy...ahem, Comcast, and well, I suppose Maxine Waters, really great music videos (and some mediocre ones of course, as it goes) now have a place on television again.

Says Diddy :

Oh yeah, he also said all of this :
“REVOLT is not a time slot, it is 24/7 TV. The first to be built entirely from the ground up in the social media age.  REVOLT addresses the music void on television by uniting the artists of the world, empowering them, and giving them, as well as their fans, the tools and apps to share an authentic music experience."
As the Hero is a force comprised mostly of those who grew up while actual music videos played on MTV (see LL Cool J, Guns'n Roses, Skid Row, Young MC), this is something that is nice for us to witness. TV in general isn't something we fully subscribe to over this way (both literally and figuratively), however this is something unlike anything else of its "kind" (a statement that can only be made loosely of course), and is refreshing artistically, musically, and culturally. Very few commercials, a very diverse, and more importantly talented slice of the music world being included. Lets hope it can keep itself where it is. Its quite entertaining and high quality upon its debut.

We watched Revolt live online on the opening day, featuring Diddy (quite amazingly not slipping up in his speech even once over the course of his 3+ minute, laptop-cam-to-web monologue) announced its existence "live" (not sure if we caught the first one, it was on repeat, as is the entire channel in a broad sense). Now, through work this week, the channel has been on muted repeat on high up flatscreen, floating over the console and speakers as studio work abounds. Many an impressive mini-motion-pictures have passed before our eyes, in silence as we work, and here are a few of our faves... the ones we could quickly remember anyway.

And of course, the obligatory crew deep rap video...which is, at least, again... refreshingly retro....

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Poliça are awesome. We saw them live at the Levis Haus one time and they put on an excellent, low key (for a small venue) live show. Even the EC Twins thought so. Now they have a new album. This is a great thing.

While the first album, Give You The Ghost, featured singer Channy Leaneagh's voice awash in reverb and effects, Shulamith scales that back a bit, and the resulting clearness definitely lets you know that her vocal talents are really quite amazing, and the processing was simply one form of presentation, rather than a technique used to hide lack of talent.

This new album was released in late October (available now directly through the bands website!), continues that awesomeness, and its recommended by your friends at The Hero that you get, and then listen to it.

Shulamith is out now on Mom + Pop (US), Memphis Industries (UK), and Inertia (AUS)


And what would the Hero be without a remix!? This one is from Seams (who you will hear more about soon!), and is part of the "Chain My Name" remix collection...

Finally, give a look at the marvelous and at times very visually arresting video for the song "Warrior Lord". The goods.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


22 y.o. wunderkind, and current reigning champion of (mostly) "chill-trap", Flume, has released his first full length album, to much anticipation. The self-titled, 14 track album was released earlier this year on Future Classic records, and is available for purchase in their online shop. A great album. Sidenote : we highly reccommend you check the "Get Free" remix down below...

Since he started to create music using a production CD he found in a cereal box, the guy has done a lot. Winning awards in his native Australia, going platinum, touring the world, and whatever the fuck else.

Peep some new jams :

A stellar remix :

 And and a classic Flume fave :

Also, to accompany the album, Flume put together a hip-hop inspired mixtape (the "Flume Deluxe Edition Mixtape"... it is included with the deluxe retail package of Flume) while on tour.

Get lightly crunk.

Tracklist :
Flume: Deluxe Edition Mixtape
1. Flume - Intro feat. Stalley
2. Flume - Space Cadet feat. Ghostface Killah & Autre Ne Veut
3. Flume - Insane feat. Killer Mike & Moon Holiday
4. Flume - Stay Close feat. Boldy James, Alexander Spit & Aaron Cohen
5. Flume - Holdin On feat. Freddie Gibbs
6. Flume - Change feat. How To Dress Well
7. Flume - Warm Thoughts feat. Grande Marshall & Goldie Glo
8. Flume - Sleepless feat. Twin Shadow & Jezzabell Doran
9. Hermitude - HyperParadise feat. M.O.P. (Flume Mixtape Version)

While we love the chill solo Flume works, over here at the Hero, we really like to turn up. Bigger. So in that vein, here are a few more from Flume's second musical project. Along with Emoh Instead, he is 1/2 of the duo What So Not. A remix of Major Lazer's, "Get Free", was their real intro to the globe, and has been getting us open over here for a little while now... peep game...track is killing shit all over the place. Can't get tired of it. Even after we've heard the original, and a number of other remixes many, many times since forever ago. Always completely on purpose. The other couple are equally pure blissful crunk inspirers.



Really, hit play on this video..

This is a rarely-seen mini-profile on Christopher Wallace from the UK show, Diary On Passengers, in which The Black Frank White chops it up about supporting Junior M.A.F.I.A., with then-wife Faith Evans, and allows the world some insight into his relationship with his Mother. Some realness.

Seriously, just chill out for 14 minutes and 10 seconds. Then peep some tracks after that...


New from true "electronic" music pioneer Flux Pavillion comes the five track Freeway EP. It is now available, and its killing. This track "Gold Love", featuring Rosie Oddie is murder. Great shit right here.

Flux achieved international recognition with the track "I Can't Stop", which was eventually sampled by Shama "Sak Pase" Joseph for the song "Who Gon Stop Me" from Watch The Throne. He is also (along with Doctor P) the co-founder of Circus Records. and has been inspiring producers of sample and "beat" based music for years! We're certainly psyched on this new material. Ak like you know.

The EP also features tracks with Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki, and Turin Breaks.

Get the FREEWAY EP here... Now if you'd like. AND STREAM IT ALL BELOW...

Also available for free download is the track "Standing On A Hill", from the Flux..

Also...additionally from the crew comes this Doc P & Adam FMethod Man featured track which comes with a pretty slick little video...

Finally... peep some tour footie...good times...(a bit more interesting than the current Baauer & R.L. Grime tour videos...) AND features a little hometown PORTLAND, MAINE cameo here in EP #2...HOLLER.


Friday, November 15, 2013


Don't know a lot about Ty Dolla $ign yet, we been OG Bobby Ray fans, and together this video is kind of our shit right now...

Track goes hard too, obviously. And lyric and concept are more clever than the other TD$ tracks I've heard so far..

Apparently he is on it with the production game as well...nice and simple, but kinda feeling this one on the slow jam, old school vibe (whatchyall know about some old school Rn'B slow jams?)... and a nicely old school ghetto-music-video-production video to go along with it :

Monday, November 11, 2013


UPDATE : Video for Lexo The Great & THEUNDER - "Renegade" is now up...get it here.

 New track from our homie & dope AF client Lexo The Great, produced by
THEUNDER...available for free download at Lexo's Soundcloud...as posted below.

Peep back tomorrow as well for the official release of the video for "Renegade" from Lexo & THEUNDER!!

Stay tuned...official video for "Renegade" posted here tomorrow!

And don't miss "Bad Boy" featuring the "Anigmatic" Gilbere Forte with vocal production by Jams Frrever...

Beatport (Lexo)



Saturday, November 9, 2013


The prolific and greatly innovative force that is Guillermo S. Herren (a.k.a. Prefuse 73Savath & Savalas, Piano Overlord, and Delarosa & Asora) has announced Yellow Year, a new record label co-founded with photographer Angel Ceballos. Their initial offering is an EP from Sons of the Morning (Prefuse 73 & the always amazing producer/artist, Teebs...available now on Yellow Year) as a part of a twelve volume Speak Soon series, each installment paring Prefuse with a fellow production luminary for all new collaborative work. Upcoming EPs will feature collaborations with Nosaj Thing, Lapalux, Synkro, Nathan Fake, Dimlite and more TBA. We're looking forward to giving this one a full length listen...

There has been some low-key hype for this label launch, as well as this first release, including this amazing ten-minute "preview" video:

Also accompanying this first release, Pre & Teebs have cut a mix including a number of the duo's influence for the self-titled EP :

“Over the past couple of years of working on many ‘Sons of the Morning songs’, we’ve probably spent an equal amount of time glued to YouTube and listening to other people’s music between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and noon. Although, it would be impossible to fit every single thing we became intrigued with on a 40-minute mix, these are some standouts during our journeys. A retrospect of sounds, so to speak.”

That mix is titled, Needle Exchange 133, and is available here :

Needle Exchange 133 – Sons of the Morning:
1. Bus Driver intro – (excerpt)
2. SonsOfTheMorning – Arrival
3. Oneohtrix Point Never – He She
4. Jeremiah Jae – Spaceman
5. Lukid – The Life of the Mind
6. Andy Stott – Luxury Problems
7. Nathan Fake – Bauxite Dream
8. Forest Swords – Anneka’s Battle
9. The Exposures – Ein Lied Fur Frau Thyssen – Home
10. Radian. – Git Cut Derivat11. Cannibal Ox – Pigeon
12. Tim Hecker – They Call Me Jimmy
13. Visitor – Burn Out
14. Actress – Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion
15. Ras G – Sign Me Up (excerpt)
16. The Caretaker – All you’re going to do is get back there.


Fuck, these things are sick.

We'd like 3 or 4 of them...

Have a look for yourself. ICON re-creates some of your favorite old trucks & jeeps into new, high tech, future-mobiles. All done right here in L.A., they'll even re-vamp any particular older model auto you might fancy...for a price.

Feast your eyes...

Lots more detail photos after the jump...

Friday, November 8, 2013


Meet the WOS (Wall of Sound) 2.0. The worlds largest iPhone/iPod speaker. And this one, it goes to 11...

Not a cheap piece of flashy tech thats all plastic shoddyness on the inside, this chest-of-drawers-sized speaker set-up is designed and hand crafted in Sweden (in the workshop shown above). It will more than get your house party kickin', all the while remote controlled by you with its own proprietary app mobile app... drool.

From the website:
"Each WOS is carefully made by hand, in sweden. The result can never be compared to
something made in a factory in Asia. We believe it will last longer that way, but hold in mind: handmade audio-products are comparable to custom cars. Each one will be individual, and have an individual temper. They might have their flaws; but that just means they need more love and caring by you. (And to be played a LOT to get them warm and juicy.)"


Apparently a man named William Oneyeabor made some mind blowing music back in the '70s...and its been lying dormant...until...NOW...
A new collection of his work, William Onyeabor - World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who Is William Onyeabor? has now been re-issued, and is available now, on Luaka Bop.

There are also a number of world wide parties going on for this special event, and may have already happened in, or may be coming to, your very own city. Until you find out, peep this incredibly hot jammer. Kinda burning it up right now...


Luaka Bop

Thursday, November 7, 2013


New album from Machinedrum is upon us. Vapor City out now on Ninja Tune...

Don't sleep.

More to come...we promise...

Click below -- left bottom corner ("Click for banguhs") -- to listen!

  Machinedrum - Don't 1 2 Lose U

Machinedrum - Rise N Fall

Machinedrum - Gunshotta

Machinedrum Boiler Room London DJ set...