Tuesday, April 5, 2011



So this video of my homies' has made some waves. Rachel Maddow did a short piece on it, and people are responding in an amazing and positive way!

Nice work peeps. And although I think you guys should use the attention you have while you have it (which I know you will in the most positive way), I love guerrilla art. Fight the good fight.

My computer has shit in the proverbial bed, and I have been busy as F#CK. Those two factors combined makes for very few blog post minutes in the day....however,

...my little (read = pretty gat damn huge) home state of Maine has been all up in the national news in the past weeks for just a small example of our new Governor, Paul LePage's ridiculous antics ...

With a little help from two of my anonymous friends....our lovely mural goes back up...for a moment at least. Accompanied by some lovely newish Danksta (now known as Tragic Defect Tax) music. 

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