Saturday, April 23, 2011


Been ready to blow up speakers are some new tracks from Purplebird Music (upon which some releases by my brother Entricut can be found) founder and head haunch Dead Geoff, one of which features Mr. Thumbs (1/2 of the former team of Natural Ingredients along w/ the Entreezy) on the beat?? and the other got eeem on the rap ch cheah.

Dead Geoff - Pescatarian by Purplebird Music

BST by purplebirdmusic

This led me to a couple of Dead Geoff instro remix banguhs...

*67 - Dead Geoff by Purplebird Music

Thank You Harold - Dead Geoff by Purplebird Music


And then of course to a little Natty Ingreeds track from yesteryear...

Natural Ingredients (Entricut & Mr. Thumbs) - Earshot by Purplebird Music

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