Friday, April 22, 2011


Amon Tobin is about to release the second of 3 albums for 2011.

From the AT website:
Amon Tobin will release 3 albums in 2011: a radical new studio album entitled ISAM, a new Two Fingers album, and an album of remixes of his Chaos Theory soundtrack work.
This one (the proper solo) is called ISAM, and from what I've heard, its quite a sonic pleasure I must say, as most Amon work tends to be.

The first 'single' is available for download in exchange for your email. Its quite nice.


ISAM is now available digitally from the Ninjatune shop and online stores. Physical release is May 23, including a 6 panel gatefold CD, double heavyweight LP with printed inner sleeves (salivate), and a limited edition CD Artbook featuring images of an installation Amon did with artist Tessa Farmer and maybe even an essay by John Doran of The Quietus? You never know til you see it I suppose

   ISAM by Amon Tobin

The Soundtrack To Splinter Cell 3D - Chaos Theory Remixed has been out since last month, and  there seems to be no date for the Two Fingers (the duo of AT and UK producer Double Click).

Here's some more Tobinality to chew on....

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