Sunday, March 6, 2011


Grouplove played on KCRW on last Thursday morning (2/24) for a Morning Becomes Eclectic session. Unfortunately I was indisposed dealing with the city of Los Angeles , but it was a great session...I listened HERE in creamy streaming audio from the stations website.

The station is actually were I first heard of the band as well, and has been popping up semi frequently here on the Hero as of late. What can I say, I'm a serious 89.9 junkie. I just got my KCRW x Mr. Brainwash t-shirt in the mail yesterday too...sicky.

This song was my intro to the quintet, who met in Crete, and recorded their self-titled debut in here in our insane city.

They will also make an appearance on my upcoming Spring 2011 mix...

Dig it like the earff.

   Grouplove - Naked Kids

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