Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Tonight my brother Entricut opens for Rob Swift of the legendary X-ecutioners with Rajnii as Loose Leaves  @ Club Metronome in Burlington!

Get it homie.


Now a little taste of the headliner and what he doin...

FREE DOWNLOAD of Rob Swift's Scion Radio 17 Host EP as part of his ongoing streaming web radio show, Dope on Plastic. Titled Sketches of The Architect, the 6 track banger revisits some uncompleted songs from his 2010 LP, The Architect, both of which are inspired by a recent deep delve into classical music.

"This new facination influenced his complex, turntable and MPC-based music in unpredictable ways."  

Radio 17 also features a gang of other shows hosted by some of the illest around.


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