Monday, February 21, 2011


When I started at the studio where I spend a lot of time these days (the beautiful Fonogenic Studios) one of the first few projects I had the pleasure of being present for, as well as having a small part in the engineering of, was the recording of an EP for the band Dayplayer.  Produced & engineered by my mentor of sorts, Ran Pink, the songs sounded great at the time, and now the day has come that it is available to everyone in all of its full high fidelity goodness! "Hollywood Couple" leads it off, and is one of my favorites, however the guitar solos in both "Smoke & Soot" and "Peak" are also hard to beat. Oh and the synth madness in the end of "Better"?! Well yall know how I feel about synth madness...don't make me go all Yellow Magic Orchestra and shit...

Aaaaaand! Check out the newly released video for the track "To Me"... great concept!


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