Friday, November 26, 2010


That's how y'all say it right? Ah, nevermind.

Check out the Long Islander dude Hoodie Allen. His name has been kicking around my headspace/internet space for a while now ('Tighten Up' has been heard by my ears on a number of occasions), and now his newish September release mixtape Pep Rally, is free for download....HERE. His sounds are courtesy of longtime friend & collaborator RJF.

He was asked in August by The Nosebleed Section to "describe (his) sound in three words,"
Hoodie: tasty jams son.
So there you go. Its really more original remixes on a mixtape/'album' (a-la Chiddy Bang & others)...not that jackin for beats is a new thing as far as mixtapes go, but I'm feeling the trend of the popular indie/electro tracks re-fitted w/ lyrics for some crossover banguhs.

This is not some rando bro-bra spitting some randomness over some eclecticness. This is a dope MC rocking some hard beats. And if it wasn't, well, would it be here? Nah sunnnn.

Anyway, here are a couple of my faves from the collect.

Hoodie Allen - Tighten Up

Hoodie Allen - Not A Robot

Hoodie Allen - Words Of Wisdom

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