Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The Space Boys have released their debut album, Diamonds on Neptune. Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, by way of a flight in their wooden indian spaceship straight from Skowhegan, Maine, Jesus Jones, Village & Boat Music are my hometown homies...

Space Boys - Diamonds On Neptune DOWNLOAD HERE>>>>>>

Fueled by rocket fuel beats by a plethora of 207 artists including my wunderkind brother Entricut, (his MySpace, label, Purplebird Music & former group, Natural Ingredients) his sometime collaborator and deadly producer Danksta, the elusive duo of Mixed Digits & R. Brown, Jams Frrever (yours truly), and, the trio has blasted the fuck off.

Check it...

Space Boys - Take Our Shit? (produced by

Space Boys - Jaguar Whispers (RIP) f. Jaguar Whispers (produced by Entricut)

Space Boys - I Hate The Space Boys (produced by Jams Frrever)

Space Boys f. Jams Frrever - Y'all Crazed

They even gave me my own mini-page!!!

Check em on YouTube too....


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