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Photo: 8-Bit Weapon

Been way into 8 bit music. Mostly since Duck Tales (get it!), but I frequently get surges. They're the sounds of forever trying to beat something you could never beat. A worn out greasy controller. Aching thumbs. I wasn't even very good, my brother is way better with the 'Nintendo paddle'. He can whoop my ass in mostly whatever game you want. Besides sports probably. The music was the shit though.

Plenty of 8 bit bands and music users out there for sure. I remember checking out speak & spells on ebay was a pass time of mine once in a while, but I never really got into actually circut bending or making the stuff myself. A friend of mine who goes by Computer at Sea is quite an amazing circut bender/lo-fi musician. Confusatron was one of the first ever LIVE performances I saw where a band/musician was using a actual Nintendo/controller/power glove. Seems like they've switched it up a bit.

Anamanaguchi came into my musical ether a number of years ago, and I a few weeks ago I both got the Scott Pilgrim Videogame Soundtrack) (which they did), and played, the Scott Pilgrim video game (its great). All of a sudden I wanted an 8 bit, well, renaissance? To dramatic?

Open the floodgates!!!

An old fave from Ffffound by nickgraywfu

There was the OG 8-bit Weapon, a number of Chip-Hop artists, and nowdays there's the a fore mentioned Anamanaguchi who seem to be at the head of the once mostly undergound charge from NYC, along with Sabrepulse, & Bubblyfish. There's Computer Jay out here in L.A., Ninja Moped (formerly Rymdreglage), Slagsmalsklubben & Hayzee over seas, & others like Boy 8-Bit using hybrids of 8-bit and lots of much higher bit rate synth, producing & remixing all over the place.

There are also plenty of 8 bit covers; from Weezer to Miles Davis, if you want it, you can probably find it.

Then there are people just getting crazy.

But you already knew all of that!!!! Hah!

Here's a rando collec of some new some old some things I could remember off the top... plus some other shizz....

...also check out....the entire collection of Duck Tales music downloads!!!!! Didn't think I was going to be able to find that...

Duck Tales - African Mines
Duck Tales - The Amazon

btw -- I've never embedded tracks from MySpace, but I'm attempting it now, and the thing is completely f'ed. --- only one song works, not to mention it looks ridic, but I want the 8-BITches track up here!

8-Bit Weapon - Chip On Your Shoulder
Anamanaguchi - Mess
Sabrepulse - Famicom Connection

Slagsmalsklubben - Malmo Night Beach Party (Boss for Leader)

Covox - Dubslide (Wave - Ep)

These 2 are both from the Pterodactyl Squad's 8 bit Weezer Tribute..

Of course there's the classic (from a few years ago...)

Tugboat - 8-Bit Hip-hop Medley

And the 'with lyrics' version from Smith Agent Smith

Photo: Hayzee!!'s myspace...

Fake Blood - Mars (Boy 8-Bit Remix) (Fix Your Accent EP)
Booka Shade - Donut (Boy 8-Bit Remix) (Booka Shade - More)
Anamanaguchi - Airbrushed (RAC Remix) (RAC on Cowboy Bebop Remix, Volume 3)

This is just too good and relevant, I gotta re-post!

Duck Tales - Land Clear!

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