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SPOILER ALERT: This first video is NSFW. You should probably watch it at work anyway though.


New promo video for Klaxons' second single, 'Twin Flames', directed by Saam Farahmand, goes above and beyond...

Klaxons are a curious bunch. But it seems like that's only the case over here in the U.S. SO much hype back in '07. I was instantly obsessively playing 'Golden Skans'. Then a big Justice remix, and a couple great videos. They were crowned the kings of 'nu-rave'. But the first album was really a semi-exciting/semi-lackluster album, and....then nothing for like 3 years (if you didn't live in the UK that is). The follow up album talks started shortly after (late '07) and were finally fulfilled earlier this year. The album is Surfing The Void, and has a couple catchy songs, but is still a bit out there (the original submission was rejected by Polydor for being 'too expeirmental'). More attention comes with the drop of this video. I've always been oddly intrigued by the band, there is enough mystery to keep me there. I continue to assume its some UK/Euro stuff going on I have no idea about. There is plenty that fits that category.

This is another quick and surrealistic vision from a talented director/creator in Farahmand (he has done all of Klaxons videos besides 'Atlantis to Interzone', as well as videos for The Xx, These New Puritians, New Young Pony Club and others), who is skilled in the visual transportation to a semi-static like space where nicely stimulating images flow freely. Saam. So hot right now.

His previous collaboration w/ the lads of Klax (video for 'Golden Skans', see below) almost gives me an Empire of the Sun vibe. EotS were maybe only a PNAU daydream at that point, but its reminiscent for me, and gives me thoughts of a Brit vs. Aussie battle for the best dreamy-electro-rock band with hints of, I dunno, emperorish sexuality, and gratuitous unknown 'symbolism' involved? I'd have to give the nod to Australia. Whatever the fuck I am talking about.

ANYWAY, eere's a track from the newer album, and my fave from the first, as well as that Justice remix I spoke of.

Klaxons - Echoes (from Surfing the Void 2010)

Klaxons - Golden Skans (from Myths of the Near Future 2007)

Klaxons - As Above, So Below (Justice remix)

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