Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yeah Erykah.

Not a horrible horrible production cost for a great video.

Feelin this video made by Burn Ignite on Julius Wright...fella got some talent.

I've always been so-so on Yeasayer. Their first album was ok, very listenable, but I was a bit taken aback when an unpleasant family of overachievers I shared a holiday with remarked on them in particular, in my first few listens of All Hour Cymbals. This video has me more like 'WTF' than, 'OMG.' Someone must've watched Eraserhead a couple times before writing this treatment. I do dig Kristen Bell though, and all looks really nice. 5D?

Also, some more photos and a nice review of the Empire of the Sun show, of which I attended night 2/ was beyond amazing.

Ok, now lets push it.

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