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First off, since first hearing of Das Racist, deep down inside, I know they MUST have gotten their band name from this (thank you Wonder Shozen)...

...ok maybe not...I hope that there is a sliver of possibility that you have heard their internet fame bringing track:

Das Racist - Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell

Now this song is quite different from the rest of first official release, the mixtape/'album' Shut Up, Dude, but is an amazing piece of pop-art, just by itself.

Whether or not you agree, or happen to like the rest of what they are putting down, for me, the mixtape representsx a real return to the fun, party jam style of music that hip-hop started as (read), and has tended to now be far far away from. Their lyrics are ridiculously clever, requiring multiple listens to catch everything (this is one of the most important attributes of good ryhmes for me), and they pull in so many pop culture references from all over the time-line nearly everyone is sure to find something they can be like 'thats my shit!'. For me its the 'she gets me here and right here like A1.' Honestly, that IS my shit. I remember the OG commercial w/ the NY accent dude being all, 'it gets you ...', well whatever, you get the point.

There is a lot of talk about how horrible these guys are.

From the New Yorker comment section following a hilarious cartoon-off between Victor Vasquez (1/2 of the homies DR), and regular cartoonist Farley Katz:
I ... talk smack about das racist on message boards, and talk about how I find the "band" to be basically the most famous and simultaneously the worst live music act i've ever seen--hands down--
Now damn.

These dudes are funny, and smart, and good fuckin rappers. I love this shit.

Download their mixtape Shut Up, Dude, FOR FREE!!!.......Aakash Nihalani on the artwork..

Here are a couple of pages of interviews with the 2nd half of the homies, Himanshu Suri, from Sepia Mutiny.

Here's what he has to say about the mixtape, the first official thing the duo has released:
The mixtape is all original production from friends (like j-la, leif, like magic, lynas, and the good folks in gordon voidwell) except for 3 songs over popular artists beats in typical mixtape fashion. those 3, “who’s that brown,” “those monsters,” “i dont owe nobody shit,” and “shut up dude” were all recorded in the last two months whereas the rest encompass a year or so’s worth of work. this is the first time we’re putting anything out, ever, including “pizza hut” which never was properly released. and we went into it creatively as if it was our debut album and not a promotional mixtape since we never got label attention.

You should def check the whole thing, but here are a couple more of my faves...

Das Racist - Shorty Said

Das Racist - Deep Ass Shit (You'll Get It When You're High)


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