Sunday, November 17, 2013


Poliça are awesome. We saw them live at the Levis Haus one time and they put on an excellent, low key (for a small venue) live show. Even the EC Twins thought so. Now they have a new album. This is a great thing.

While the first album, Give You The Ghost, featured singer Channy Leaneagh's voice awash in reverb and effects, Shulamith scales that back a bit, and the resulting clearness definitely lets you know that her vocal talents are really quite amazing, and the processing was simply one form of presentation, rather than a technique used to hide lack of talent.

This new album was released in late October (available now directly through the bands website!), continues that awesomeness, and its recommended by your friends at The Hero that you get, and then listen to it.

Shulamith is out now on Mom + Pop (US), Memphis Industries (UK), and Inertia (AUS)


And what would the Hero be without a remix!? This one is from Seams (who you will hear more about soon!), and is part of the "Chain My Name" remix collection...

Finally, give a look at the marvelous and at times very visually arresting video for the song "Warrior Lord". The goods.

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