Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Remember this? Came up on playing in the offices today. Good times.

Illy "Hollertronix" era, Diplo remix of TV On The Radio - "Staring At The Sun" x Dead Prez - "Hell Yeah"

Some Heroes actually first discovered TV On The Radio in early 2004, via CNet's Download.com music section. It was kind of an amazing place back then to tap into the unheard world of small indie artists. T-Radd (most of the original songs are not findable..), Atomic Puppy (can't find a music link at all), Ghetto Girl, many others I can't remember right now & this very weird looking crew from Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn? What musicians were there or came from there besides Biggie? --- obviously this is in jest...but in 2003, vs. in 2013...ha!)... with a gem of a song called "Staring at the Sun", and a cover of The Pixies', "Mr. Grieves". They did well and it was most deserved.

TV On The Radio - Mr. Grieves (click below left to play...)
This one was a classic as well...

BTW...the original video for Dead Prez' "Hell Yeah" is on some hard shit...

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