Friday, November 22, 2013


We just found this last double EP release from Waldo last week, and well, we like it.

Sick beats, and clever word play. Mellow moods, and real shit. What more could you ask for in hip-hop these days? NOTHING. That is the answer.

Released in the middle of last month via Ago, a group of producers from western Michigan, NSDE/OUTSDE (which are both available for FREE DOWNLOAD) is a bit of a follow up to last years Pick Your Own Poison (PYOP) project (also available for FREE DL...or donate if you wish).

Giver a listen...

The collection was produced for the most part by Sango (with a little help from Marvel Alexander, Mr. Carmack & $ir OJ...all quite great producers on their own) who really kills it.

A little more on Sango...upon visiting his facebook page I discovered two things. 1) this very touching story and song from Dee Mafioso, in which he reached out to Sango to let him know that he was very inspired by his music, that he and his girlfriend had loved his song "When I Need You The Most", that she had recently passed away, and that he had recorded a song in her memory over one of S's beats. Here it is. Its nice when music can heal. And when others can share that. This has been your "real life" music moment with the Hero, all jokes aside.

The second thing I found, 2) was this stellar mix, done for Ssense. Prick up your ears.

He also "likes The Weeknd a lot. So much so that he made an entire EP of Weeknd remixes called More Balloons," which may or may not be available for download.

NSDE/OUTSDE, released on October 15, this two part collection was preceded by this...trailer...eeeeenteresting.

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