Thursday, November 21, 2013


Thanks to Revolt, P Diddy...ahem, Comcast, and well, I suppose Maxine Waters, really great music videos (and some mediocre ones of course, as it goes) now have a place on television again.

Says Diddy :

Oh yeah, he also said all of this :
“REVOLT is not a time slot, it is 24/7 TV. The first to be built entirely from the ground up in the social media age.  REVOLT addresses the music void on television by uniting the artists of the world, empowering them, and giving them, as well as their fans, the tools and apps to share an authentic music experience."
As the Hero is a force comprised mostly of those who grew up while actual music videos played on MTV (see LL Cool J, Guns'n Roses, Skid Row, Young MC), this is something that is nice for us to witness. TV in general isn't something we fully subscribe to over this way (both literally and figuratively), however this is something unlike anything else of its "kind" (a statement that can only be made loosely of course), and is refreshing artistically, musically, and culturally. Very few commercials, a very diverse, and more importantly talented slice of the music world being included. Lets hope it can keep itself where it is. Its quite entertaining and high quality upon its debut.

We watched Revolt live online on the opening day, featuring Diddy (quite amazingly not slipping up in his speech even once over the course of his 3+ minute, laptop-cam-to-web monologue) announced its existence "live" (not sure if we caught the first one, it was on repeat, as is the entire channel in a broad sense). Now, through work this week, the channel has been on muted repeat on high up flatscreen, floating over the console and speakers as studio work abounds. Many an impressive mini-motion-pictures have passed before our eyes, in silence as we work, and here are a few of our faves... the ones we could quickly remember anyway.

And of course, the obligatory crew deep rap video...which is, at least, again... refreshingly retro....

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