Friday, June 3, 2011


Just heard this Arthur Russell inspired mix from NYC's Pocketknife which has been put together to celebrate the release of Arthur's Landing, the songs of Arthur Russell reimagined by his many collaborators, . I'm def an A. Russ fan, and didn't know what to expect (besides goodness). But this mix really delivers for me. Great way to start the weekend for sure...

Arthur Russel - Calling Out Of Context
Arthur Russell - Love Is Overtaking Me
Arthur Russell - Another Thought
Arthur Russell - World Of Echo

...see y'all @ Wat Dong Moon Lek tonight.

And first, I gotta throw up my favorite of Arthur's many wonderful songs just b/c I love it so...

Here's the mix...tracklist below...

   Pocketknife Presents: Moving Me Up (Russell Mania) by Pocketknife

Pocketknife Presents: MOVING ME UP (Russell Mania)
Arp & Anthony Moore "Wild Grass I (for Arthur Russell)"
Arthur Russell "This Is How We Walk On the Moon (Youth's Return To Base Edit)"
Arthur Russell "Make 1,2"
Arthur's Landing "Love Dancing"
Elodie Lauten "Vision"
Arthur Russell "Let's Go Swimming" loop
Peter Gordon & The Love of Life Orchestra "That Hat"
Arthur Russell "Let's Go Swimming (Walter Gibbons Mix)"
Holiday For Strings "Calling Out Dance Mix"
Billy Nichols "Give Your Body Up To the Music (Larry Levan Remix)"
Loose Joints "Is It All Over My Face (MAW Mix)"
Loose Joints "Tell You Today (Allez-Allez Edit)"
Lil Tony "Treehouse (Lil Tony Rework)"
Arthur Russell "She's the Star (Pocketknife's Continual Cornfield Remix)"
Recent Memory "Lucky Cloud (Pocketknife Remix)"
Arthur Russell "That's Us/Wild Combination"
Arthur Russell "All Boy All Girl"
Johanna Billing "This Is How We Walk On the Moon (Bogdan Edit)"
Arthur Russell "Keeping Up (Pocketknife Remix)"
Allen Ginsberg "A Cradle Song"


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