Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Remember the homies?

Well, you done fucked up, cuz its too late! They large now! HA!

Im just messin, kinda, but Audio-Ology is definitely on their way, and an amazing performance at Ne-Yo & Chris Brown's VMA afterparty @ Boulevard 3 in Hollywood this past Sunday was just another step. Y'all killed it my dudes! Silk The Shocker what? Gucci what? Waka what? Nothing compared to the real music coming from these guys. Look for big things happening.

Check out an interview they did with Artist Direct and see what they all about...

We just finished mixing ANOTHER new track Tuesday, and the shit is crazy as usual.

Webisode series coming soon...featuring the Hero himself!

What up RP, Frank, Jazz, Jay White, Casey, Q, Davis, Johnny Storm, B, the fam. Fonogenic. Holler.

'Pretty Girls' is now available on iTunes, Rhapsody, & Napster for download, with more tracks coming soon.

Here's a couple to wet your tastebuds....

Pretty Girls by Audio-Ology

On & On by Audio-Ology

Oh...and the rhyme sayer 1/2 of the duo, Chaz Logan, got a mixtape on the way too...

Word Life (Produced by Johnny Storm) by Audio-Ology

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