Tuesday, July 20, 2010


(photo: Jazmin Million : eventphotoimages.com) (UPH remix)

Find the album called Sir Lucious Left Foot The Son Of Chico Dusty, by the homie Big Boi. Hear the shit out of it.

I have been known to answer "Outkast", when someone asks me that question. You know, 'What is your favorite band?' I don't know who asks that, but when they do, I answer "Outkast" like every time.

Seriously though, with his new album, Big Boi proves that whatever is called hip-hop these days is something that is far from 'dead', and also that while so many people talk about how they are the best MC's alive, or in the game, or posting ill freestyles on Dope Tracks or any other thang thang, he probably gon make you wanna jump back in the lab...

...I'm just sayin.

I am now super shook on posting the big name album tracks prior to their release (or after for that matter) due to blog deletions and other booull shiiiit, so here go the video to the first single, which is a BANGUH produced by former member of The Roots (yes, for real) and newly recovered snowman Scott Storch, who seems to not have lost his touch. I mean. The jam is monkey. Like going ape. Like bananas.

Thank you Daddy Fat Sacks.

Oh, and when you find this stellar LP, listen for these:

- Follow Us Ft. Vonnegutt (Produced By Salaam Remi)
- Tangerine Ft. T.I. And Khujo Goodie (Produced By Knightheet And Big Boi)
- You Ain't No DJ Ft. Yelawolf (Produced By Andre 3000) (not crazy bout the Yela verses, but Andre's beat is RIDIC)
- Hustle Blood Ft. Jamie Foxx (Produced By Lil' Jon)
- Fo Yo Sorrows Ft. George Clinton, Too Short And Sam Chris (Produced By Organized Noize)
- Shine Blockas Ft. Gucci Mane (Produced By DJ Cutmaster Swiff Co-Produced By Big Boi)
- Back Up Plan (Produced By Organized Noize Co-Produced By Big Boi)

AND he got a wall of Solo cups.

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