Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I am in Central Maine right now and shit is HOT. I'm talking 98˚ with like 100% humidity. Nah, well maybe not THAT high, but you can't move without sweating. Making me long for my L.A. weather! Ha. That's kinda not funny though.

Ok, well, to help all of us party people put a funky ass whooping on this sweaty situation comes the OG U-Tern with his One Day Later Radio #69 Mix, this one is aimed directly at the beach goers, the boat breezers, the river bridge jumpers, the lake loungers, and anyone getting their serious summer on.

Here go your list:

Surf shorts X

Stunna Sunnys X

Icey Bevvy X

Bangin BBQ X

Blazing Ladies X

This Mix Blasting X

U - Tern - One Day Later Radio #69 (Summer '10)

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