Monday, October 4, 2010


PhotobucketI'm feeling these two songs from Glasser's debut LP, Ring, and have now found their earlier Apply EP, and am deciding I'm a fan. The vocalist, Cameron, just uses her voice amazingly and the music is cerebrally the shiiiit!

I just read this on PTST:
From the outset this thing is a winner, sure to guarantee at the very least some fawning reviews from the indie blogosphere (check!) and the dedication of a cross section of love struck indie-boys and indie-girls with high musical standards.
...ok, I kind of agree with all of that, and I guess I probably vaguely, (or blatantly?, nah.) fit into both of those categories.

Who knows, WTF.

Its raining in L.A. after a 110˚+ heat wave over the past couple of this album is setting my mind for a minute today.

I love rain sometimes.

Ok, eat some vegetables and hydrate or die. Hopefully not the U.S. we have that luxury.

Oh and don't be this guy, or anyone who listens to him.

Glasser - Home

You should also get the album so you can hear the track following 'Home', 'Mirrorage', which is stupendous. However, I am just too wary of the ol' DMCA, so I'm not posting it myself, and can't finding a streaming instance of it yet. Also really loving 'T' from the album...

...this, new-to-me track (is in fact NOT) from their first recording, the Apply EP...

Glasser - Let Letter

And wowsers...these two remixes, one of 'Learn' from the EP and this remix of 'Tremel' (Ring) from Jamie of the XX.

Glasser - Tremel (Jamie Xx Remix)


Glasser - Learn (John Talabot Remix)

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