Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Somehow we came across Mitch Murder a while back, but his name and music slid through the cracks, as frequently happens with the simply overwhelming amount of amazing music out there these days!

First off, he's just posted a track recently titled, "Snow Crash", and some of us have just finished reading the book, Snow Crash, by the amazing Neil Stephenson, so that's first up...

Well, thanks to a couple of friends in far away places, his being and sounds have come back into our consciousness, and none too soon! We over here at The Hero are just obsessed with the 80's retro grooves, so being without smooth jams like these is just a travesty!

The smooth as polished glass synths & pads, lazer sharp stabs, simply circut-tastic melodies and diamond cut sound effects...just great. It's "80's" cheese, it's computer generation amazingness, it's just overall retro-tech-goodness.

There is, of course, a back story (we love back stories, Kavinsky coming soon...) :
As the story goes Mitch is an overworked Wall Street I.T. from the 80's who dreams at night other realities for himself. These are the soundtrack to his dreams. The first offering, "The Touch" is the retro-futuristic anthem of a peaceful world that's just uprisen from it's dark chaotic post apocalyptical past. Straddling the line of french touch, 80's soundtrack and robot disco band music it seamlessly carves out it's own sound space. Overwhelmingly emotional and uplifting it has one of the most triumphant guitar synth solos you'll ever hear.

And so prolific...so many releases!

These are the latest couple...the Another Place EP from mid October 2013, and the Descent EP from August of this year.

Of course he's been swooped up by Mad Decent (always known for having their ear to what is poppin off), and his summer EP, The Touch, was released on MD's Jeffree's imprint in July of this year.

This "Original Soundtrack" for the fictional Sega videogame "Sprawl" is equally amazing...if you've ever played 16-bit video games...def check it..

The Television EP from 2010. Yes.

And we can't leave without posting the full length, Current Events album, released on Rosso Corsa records, November 2011...


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