Saturday, March 30, 2013


Fresh off a nice little SXSW showcase, New York duo, MSMR, have landed a track an official Game of Thrones : Season 3 trailer, and seem to be finna embed themselves right into the indie-pop music scene for good. Details on this (also enigmatic) duo have been scarce, but they do have a Tumblr page.

Judging by the songs (quite awesome), the branding (snappy), the remix collaborations (Twin Shadow, Charli XCX, Kele of Bloc Party), the video content, and the overall buzzaroo (some sneaky but heavy airplay on KCRW this past winter...), the future seems bright for these two.

Give an ear:

And and eye :

MSMR - "Bones" in Game of Thrones : Season 3 extended trailer.

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